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3dpo and pink spotting? Tweeks23. member. July 2013 in Trying to Get Pregnant. Yesterday 2dpo and this morning I'm noticing I have some spotting. Its not red but a pink color and its mixed in with CM. Nothing like a period but so strange b/c this has never happened before. 11/06/2011 · hi, i am 3/4dpo i think i o on the 23rd CD16 was my only day with 2lines on opk - i only test once a day about 5ish we DTD on the 23rd 24th 25th prob tonight too although i know its prob way past eggy time. I noticed last night 26th am i woke up early mornig feeling like i was having af type.

3DPO with spotting: Recently been adding vitamin b complex everyday and noticed this month spotted for ovulation for two days. Then went on to very light spotting and now on 3dpo there was a trace of bright pink/red blood on my liner. I highly doubt it's IB this early but do you think the vitamins is causing this post ovulation? That it's. Hiya lisa. I had the same thing last month.the day after ov i had pinkish/red blood only when i wiped.i had major ov pains rite from ov until almost af.i posted on here as i wasnt sure what was goin on.someone said it was the sign of a healthy fertile egg bein released.think its called ov spotting.ive never experienced this be4 that im.

Hi Girls, Im really confused, I think I o'd finally on Saturday cd27 although it could have bee cd21 - see my chart attached in signature Just gone to the low sorry for tmi but when wiped got a light pinkinsh discharge. I NEVER get any spotting after Ovulation and I havenf BD baby dance sex today or yesterday so cant be spotting. 12/11/2013 · 7dpo pink spotting is a fab symptom!! Once implantation occurs, and HCG levels rise about 3 days later you may get a faint positive test I'm 5dpo today, got lots of cramps and twinges and pinching this eve, fingers crossed for both of us! Xx 9 Polkadotpea, Nov 11, 2013. Implantation bleeding 3-5 dpo. Updated:. about just because a book or doctor says implantation only happens after 6-12 dpo because it happened to me from 3dpo and continued till 8dpo. That is that it is certainly possible to have vaginal spotting a few days after ovulating. I have been reading a lot of stories and 'studied' other people's symptoms during my two week wait so I thought I should share my experience after I got my first BFP! Maybe it can help another lady somehow; I am 32 and my man 36 years. We have stopped using contraception approx. in May 2012 but didn't really concentrate on the fertile days etc. hi ladies some of you may know, i started spotting yesterday at 4dpo. just been to the ladies, and lots of watery pink when i wiped!.the spotting yesterday and this morning was brown just wondered, am i being optimistic thinking this is IB?.had my day 21 bloods this morning too! so im hoping its not af!! it cant be as im only CD24.

4dpo tiny bit of spotting & pink cm - good or bad? 58 Posts Add message Report. MrsMcJnr Thu 18-Jan-07 10:00:35. Ladies, I'm not symptom spotting - honest but I have never had spotting at this stage in my cycle before and I wondered if it was significant. Any one have any experience? 09/04/2013 · Spotting at 3 DPO, whats this? I dont know. im only 3dpo and already have frequent urination, hunger pains and multiple other early symptoms. saratilley Answered 4/9/13 1 found this helpful Recent questions in Could I Be Pregnant? Can I be pregnant if missed my periods last month and seen spotting of blood. 0. Asked 2 hours ago.

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